Jobs and Prosperity Fund: PC Leader Doug Ford Puts Newmarket Jobs at Risk

Will Christine Elliott denounce this short sighted policy put forward by her leader Doug Ford or is she that out of touch?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daily Video: Day 7 - Protecting jobs in Newmarket

This past Monday Doug Ford threatened to axe Ontario's very successful Job's and Prosperity fund. This would put Newmarket jobs at risk.

I was at Magna last week announcing a $4.5 million investment through Ontario's Jobs and Prosperity fund that will keep 650 jobs here in Newmarket. These are good paying, private sector jobs that will be on the chopping block if Ford recklessly abandons the Jobs and Prosperity Fund. Will Christine Elliott stand up to her leader Doug Ford and denounce this reckless policy, or is she really that out of touch with the hard working men and women living in the riding?


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